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    Transforming our communities through greater men, marriages and leaders.

    CityCommit was started by a small group of men that had a deep desire to improve their own manhood, marriages and growth in leadership and wanted to help other men who had the same desire. Although men have been our primary focus, we are now reaching out to and impacting women through the marriage initiative and through our leadership initiative.

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Our History

CityCommit started by Brian Yost asking 12 men to gather for dinner in July of 2011 with the simple question, “Do we need a city-wide men’s initiative in Sarasota?” What was amazing is that we continued to have dinner together every two weeks just to share, fellowship and pray without the compelling answer “yes” until we all came to that conclusion 2 months later. It was an honest question without a motive to know the answer and we all found the answer to be “yes” when we all felt the need for authentic manhood for our own lives.
In February of 2012, CityCommit morphed from 12 men to 35 men to 80 men with “live” teaching venues in 1 location to now over 18 video venues in two counties and 3 cities with between 300-400 attending weekly with venues growing and multiplying constantly.
One of our greatest catalytic events was the Coach Joe Gibb’s breakfast in September of 2013 when we had over 930 in attendance. Although we are not a “big event” driven initiative, we were able to reach hundreds with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and pursue “follow-up.” In 2013 we were able to reach over 2,000 different people with the Gospel.
In 2014, through a partnership with Family Life, we hosted our first THRIVE marriage event in Sarasota with 350 in attendance. Although we were very pleased with the results of this one-day conference, we were more amazed to know that as of this date, we have had over 600 attend the Art of Marriage small groups that we established. Again, we are more interested in the relational paradigm rather than the big event itself.

In 2015 we aggressively expanded into Manatee County and partnered with an organization called Palmetto Build and other local churches. What an amazing year we had as we hosted another Joe Gibb’s Game Plan for Life with over 800 in attendance and a one day marriage conference, now entitled Art of Marriage “Live” where we again had nearly 350 in attendance. With that said, we have over 10 new venues and small groups started through these events.

In October of 2015, we hosted our first CITYCommit Leadership Series breakfast for marketplace and community leaders. Jeff Kemp, an 11 year NFL quarterback and V.P. of Family Life, keynoted our first breakfast with 210 in attendance. This again allows us to initiate roundtables and small groups in our businesses, communities and churches. We anticipate our Leadership Series to be a quarterly event.

2016 & Beyond

The primary anticipated change is the constant desire to multiply rather than add our influence. We believe the Bible has a constant principle of multiplying rather than adding due to the ability to influence more quickly. This exponential growth demands a different structure and equipping of our leaders which will allow for transformation to occur in our men, marriages and marketplace.

One of the “present” growth areas will be our focus on the “leadership” part of our mission. We anticipate using “catalytic” events to engage our community with a planned “follow-up” for relational discussions of Biblical truths. This will incubate our leadership and marketplace influence.

Our Legacy Sponsors

Baycross Family Christian Foundation
The Templeton Foundation
Church of the Redeemer
Landscape Plan
Robbins Realty
RITE Technology

“Men can’t do It alone, to think we can is arrogant...”

We all need relationships and friendships. CityCommit has given me the opportunity to have freindships with guys that I never would have... especially in a venue where I'm not the pastor.

- Jason Lane