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  • Find a Place to Belong

    CityCommit creates places for men to belong through Biblically-based
    micro-groups and local leadership events in Southwest Florida and beyond.
  • Find a Place to Belong

    CityCommit creates places for men to belong through Biblically-based
    micro-groups and local leadership events in Southwest Florida and beyond.




True Friendships Thrive Through Face-to-Face Connection

In today’s digital age, we have more friend requests and online interactions than ever before. When it comes to personal growth, though, few things are more valuable than face-to-face connection.

That’s where CityCommit comes in. We bring men together so that everyone has a place to belong. Together, we not only become stronger leaders but foster discussions on how we can better serve our families and communities.

face to face connections - Microgroups
  • Life Changing Group Dynamic

    “The micro group has transformed my personal life and ministry beyond my imagination. We’ve nurtured a thriving community, my wife launched a successful women’s ministry with 20 diverse participants meeting on Zoom, and Starr, one of our church leaders, established a micro-group within a correctional facility. It’s been life-changing.”
    – Reno Flournoy

Getting Involved

Start a Micro Group

Help others find a place to belong—in person or online.

Attend a Regional Event

Learn from and connect with other leaders in Southwest Florida.

Give Today

Become a part of something bigger than yourself.

Become a Sponsor

Use your business to do more good.
face to face connections - Microgroups
Brian Yost, Founder of CityCommit

A Meal Among Friends Became a Movement

“CityCommit started when I had dinner with a group of 12 men and asked them, “Do we need a city-wide men’s initiative in Sarasota?”

What began as a simple meal among friends soon became a safe place for us to share and pray together, finding new ways to better ourselves. CityCommit was born, and since then, we’ve reached 14,000+ men around the globe.

Though we began with relationship-based micro groups, we soon grew to new heights, incorporating leadership events and creative ways for men to collaborate with one another.

By sitting down for an hour each week to look inside ourselves, we can learn more about how to make positive changes not only for us, but for our marriages, friendships, and families. By fostering these genuine connections, we can become the men God created us to be.”

Who We Serve

  • Dads looking to confidently raise their children
  • Businessmen looking to successfully lead their teams
  • Entrepreneurs looking to build stronger businesses
  • Husbands looking to connect with their wives
  • Anyone looking to become a better man

What a Micro Group Looks Like

  • 3-5 people meet in a group setting weekly or bi-weekly
  • They choose a topic from our curated resource library
  • Groups maintain an accepting atmosphere for personal growth

If you’re a man looking to foster genuine connections and create positive change, there’s a micro-group for you at CityCommit.

Let’s Transform Communities Together

If you love people and have a passion for helping others thrive in life (and improve your own life along the way), we’d love to partner with you to find a place to belong.




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Get Involved

Start, fund, or attend one of our many micro-groups or regional events.

Make a Difference

Ensure men experience the true value of authentic community.

See the Benefit of Belonging

Watch men thrive and become the husbands, fathers, and leaders God designed them to be.

Our Legacy