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Mission and Vision

CityCommit exists to transform our communities through greater men, marriages and leaders.
From Dinner Talk to Life Transformation

CityCommit Unites 600+ Men in Sarasota!

In 2011, twelve men joined together for dinner to discuss creating a local men’s group ministry in Sarasota county. What began as a small group dinner has quickly multiplied into more than 600-800 men meeting weekly in over 50+ locations.

CityCommit was founded by a small group of men who had a deep desire to improve their own manhood, marriages, and find growth in leadership. 

We believe that individual lives are transformed when truth and relationships intersect. When partnered together, Biblical truth integrated with authentic relationships leads to life transformation.

CityCommit accomplishes our mission and vision through hosting micro-groups of men in authentic community, organizing gatherings, and collaborating with other community entities.

Our Team


Brian Yost

CEO and Co-Founder

Jim Corbett

Manatee County Director

Lindsay Wooten

Administrative Assistant & Project Coordinator

Board of Directors

Kevin Robbins

Board Member, Co-Founder

David Hunihan

Board Member, Co-Founder

Trevor Harvey

Board Member, Co-Founder

David Russell

Board Member, COO

Don Vichitvongsa

Board Member

H. Greg Lee

Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus,
May 12, 1956 – Sep 5, 2020


What does belonging mean?

Belonging is a place where you can know and be known most authentically. It’s hard to define, but you know it when you feel it. Belonging is a safe place of vulnerability, care, accountability, and generosity.

Why do you care so much about “belonging?”
Jesus modeled it. Maslow determined it as a basic need for every human being. With the epidemic of loneliness growing and impacting our world in such negative way, we want to do something about it.
Why do you limit your groups to 3-5 people?

For two reasons: Jesus modeled it with Peter, James, and John. Secondly, there are now studies and theories that support this paradigm. Click the link here to view a recent study by Dunbar.

Why do you care about multiplying micro-groups?
Due to our passion to keeping groups “micro,” adding more group members is not the best option. However, if we multiply groups, we have the opportunity to reach more people and create more settings to belong.
How many groups do you have? Number of people?
Presently, we have 50+ locations with 600-800 individuals participating weekly.
Are you a church?
No. We in no way desire to take the place of a church family in the lives of men and women. We come along side the local Church to help disciple men to be able to contribute to the work of the Church.
Why do you focus on men, marriages and leaders?
Due to the governmental statistics regarding the negative by-products of broken marriages, fatherless children, and loneliness, we desire to focus on the core issues rather than the symptoms. Focusing on stronger men, marriages, and leaders helps us address some of the core issues at hand.
Does it cost anything to be in a group or start one?
No! Our resources are completely free. We want you to be encouraged to start a group and offer simple training and content suggestions.
Can we give financially?
Yes! We are able to provide free content and training to our micro-groups through generous individuals, companies, and sponsors! Through one-time gifts, monthly or sponsorships, your gift will support your local community. Click here to give now.
Why do you care so much about connecting and collaborating with other organizations?
First, we can’t and don’t do everything that a thriving community requires. We know our lane and want to stay focused. Secondly, there is something exponential and powerful that occurs when individuals and organizations work together with a pure heart as the body of Christ for the collective good. We just want to be a part of it!

Our Legacy