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How to start or Join a Micro-Group
Micro-Groups create a place to belong for a group of three to five men. We are passionate about establishing and nurturing micro-groups because every man needs a place to belong in a world that is lonely and disconnected.

Why Micro-Groups?

They’re Biblical

All throughout scripture, we see powerful life change happen in small ways and in small groups of people. Transformation happens in authentic community and genuine connection.

“Through weekly meetings and open and honest conversations with other Christian men, CityCommit has proven to me that fellowship, and being in the Word, is an essential part of an impactful and fulfilling Christian lifestyle. Receiving guidance, wisdom and advice from other Christian men has helped me personally to restore my marriage, strengthen my faith and enhance my professional life. CityCommit has shown me that serving others, and connecting with others that do the same, helps to advance the Kingdom of God and the message of Jesus Christ to “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

John Russo

They Go Deep

CityCommit micro-groups foster life-change individually, in marriages, families, careers, and communities.  Micro-groups create relationships that produce encouragement, accountability, and spiritual growth. 

They’re Practical

Micro-groups meet in homes, churches, businesses, schools, jails, and recovery centers. Micro-groups thrive wherever you live, work, and play.

They’re Effective

Our micro-group model is a model of multiplication. Micro-groups have grown exponentially since CITYCommit began in 2003. Just as Jesus taught in the Great Commission, we desire to see the world reached and discipled for the sake of the Gospel. Micro-groups offer a simple way to reach and connect with others with the transformative and powerful message of Jesus. 

When CityCommit began, we had one city that grew into 15 groups with 90 men. Today, we have more than 5 cities participating and more than 50 locations with 600-800 attending…and counting.

Join or Start a Micro-Group