The Right Time to Start A Group

The Right Time to Start A Group

Simple and reproducible have been two words that have been at the core of CityCommit from the inception. It's not a complex strategy with extensive teachings and homework. In fact, it’s the opposite. The best time to start a group is when...

  • A man desires to grow personally in their own manhood, marriage or singleness.
  • A man wants other men to join him on the journey and welcomes all that desire to join him.
  • A group of men desire to provide a “safe place” for authentic and transparent conversations with confidentiality being demanded.
  • A group is ready to “living out” Biblical manhood based on Biblical principles rather than Bible studies focused on Christian knowledge.
  • A group of men desire accountability AND grace to have deepened friendships.
  • A group of men are committed to reach disconnected and spiritually seeking men.
How To Get Started

How to Get Started...

There's no cost for joining CityCommit, so if you're interested in starting a group, we'd love to support you and offer the resources to get you started. Here are the next steps:

  1. Fill out this form and we'll followup with you to schedule a meeting.

  2. Allow for a 30 minute meeting to learn more about CityCommit and our Partnership Agreement.

  3. Invite 3-12 other men to join you on a conference call with an experienced CityCommit group leader.
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